“The Awareness of Squareness”


The Yoga Business Coach

   Alón Sagee, Maron County,California

Yoga Websites I Like

Yogi Friends of Mine

BWY National Website

BWY Online Shop

Fire Angel Yoga

Ginny Moffett’s website


A good Anatomy website with David Kiel

Bandha Yoga

Scientific Keys to unlock the practice of Hatha Yoga.

College of Sound Healing

An interesting site from Simon Heather.

Yoga with Norman

Norman Blair’s website

June Milner Yoga

June’s yoga classes in North Hampshire.

Reiki Websites I Like

Yoga Journal

Great American Website

Penelope Quest’s Website

Reiki Master Teacher in Cumbria

Tanmaya Honervogt’s Website

Reiki Master Teacher in Devon

The UK Reiki Federation

Designed by timgŷ

Clear Mind Institute

Training Mindfulness Teachers

The Home Page of  Yin Yoga

  Bernie Clarke’s Yin Yoga Website

The Yoga Academy

Simon Low’s website

Good prices for teachers & members

Southern Region is now located here!